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AeroParts Plus

A part of The CanRep group APP, is an FAA approved Parts Manufacturing facility which manages the fabrication of various aircraft engine mount parts. We are a distributor of aircraft interior parts for the Airbus as well as the Embraer 170/190.

AeroParts Plus is a distributor of Helical wire inserts that provide a positive means for repairing, protecting and strengthening all tapped threads.

We are a distributor of environmentally safe cleaning and de-greasing solutions produced by Pertoform.

AeroParts Plus is an approved representative and distributor of standard and specialty hinges from Aircraft Hinge of California.

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Featured News

Vermont Chamber of Commerce Manufacturing Expo

Come visit us at the Manufactured in Vermont Trade Show http://manufacturedinvt.com on September 25 to see our newest line of Hose, tube and Pipe cleaning product, environmentally friendly cleaning products , and Helical Wire threaded Inserts! Amanda Ryan (formally Amanda …
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