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Castrol and Eastman Products now available in South Burlington

Available Now in South Burlington Vermont


AEROPARTS PLUS of South Burlington is proud to announce that they have been appointed as a distributor of Aviation oils and hydraulic fluids by


Castrol Aviation Products 





As of 15 June, the following products will be stocked for immediate sale and pick-up at our South Burlington warehouse.


Product Quarts Case 24 Qts 5 gal Pail
Turbo Oil 2197 Yes Yes No
Turbo Oil 2380 Yes Yes Yes
Turbo Oil 2389 Yes Yes No
Skydrol 500B-4 Yes Yes Yes
Skydrol LD-4 Yes Yes Yes



Product Quarts Case 12 Qts 6 x 1 gal Case 5 Gallon Pail
Brayco Micornic 882 Yes Yes No No
Brayco MIC 881       Yes
Brayco 599 Yes Yes NO  
Brayco 300 Yes Yes No  
Brayco 756 Yes Yes yes Yes
Brayco 460 NO NO No Yes
Braycote 610        
Brayco 885        


Volume Pricing will be in effect for quantities of 12 cases/pails or more.


For Quotes Please Contact Amanda Ryan at