Pneumatic Systems International (PSI)

Pellet Launcher System


Simple and Cost Effective

The Pneumatic Systems International PSI Pellet launcher system consists of an air tool gun and an adapter ring. The adapter ring houses the various nozzles which are used to compress the foam pellet facilitating its insertion into the line to be cleaned. Operating with compressor air (100-125 psig), the air propels the pellet through the length of the line. As the pellet is compressed, it attempts to expand as it travels the length of the line, scraping deposits off the inside walls and pushing the contaminant ahead and out through the opposite end. Using a variety of sizes of pellets, the PSI system cleans hose, tube & pipes in sizes ranging from 3mm or 1/8″ to 200mm or 77/8″. The soft pellets travel easily through piping containing angle & tee joints, circular coils and “U” shapes. This cleaning method is becoming ever popular at this environmentally, sensitive time. The foam pellets are inexpensive, making it possible to avoid the use of harsh and costly chemicals, solvents and soap. Furthermore, this cleaning system reduces water wastage and production down-time. Click here to view our catalog